My Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD Blu-ray Player Repair



  • Congrats Mike. Glad everything worked out.

    I would still be using my BDP-09FD if I hadn't transitioned to 4K video and server-based video playback. Even though my 09FD has been "retired", I have no desire to sell it. As you said, it is such a beautiful piece of hardware.
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    I'm new to this kind!
    I have a BDP-09FD that worked which I haven't used much. I tried it recently and noticed it won't go past the PLEASE WAIT when any buttons are pressed on the unit or the remote regardless of how long I wait with POWER ON displayed. Am I doing something wrong or is it ailing? Any assistance is welcome.
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    Unplug it, wait 5 minutes, plug in and power up with the button on the player.
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    Hi All.New here.A post soon about my experience with the Pioneer BDP-LX91(Same os BDP-09FD)
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    Hi all
    Sorry for late reply
    The BDP-LX91 is old.I know it is now out of date and replaced by 4K players,However I still find it gives the best blu ray pic going(I have been told the pic is technically incorrect but i still prefer it)
    I find the blu ray pic better than my oppo 105D,Oppo 203 and Panasonic BDP9000.All these are fed through a Lumagen 4242.But the 91 still wins evehn when they don’t go through the Lumagen.
    You can run the 91(same as BDP-09FD)with the whole audio board and audio power supply
    removed.It still ouputs over hdmi.
    No 1 the chip with the 38x38mm heatsink on gets hot,However the Pioneer marked chip next to it also gets quite warm(its a Xilinx fpga).And the Marvell chip next to it as well.Also the HDMi chip related to the one you are using does get a bit warm.And oh don’t stick your fingers on the little rectangular one behind the component outputs and the analog devices one on its right gets quite warm as well.
    So I have put heatsinks on the HDMIs and have some on the the way to use for the replacement of the black heatsink and for Xilinx fpga chip and the Marvell chip(The 2 large chips are the same as motherboard northbridge coolers(38x38 pin spacing 59mm.)
    With regards the drive I have taken 2 apart and on both occasions a broken spring came out.But the drives seem to work ok without it.
    Also if the 3 large chips in the drive need thermal pads what was the point of making them so small

    So I have replaced them with thermal pads(Arctic cooling)the same size as the chip
    Pic taken before I changed the arctic pads to Thermal Grizzly ones,one on the small chip between the blu pads and straightened the ribbon cable under them.


    The first point about not reading Blu Rays I noticed was when the machine got warm.When cold it read them no problem but when warm(Ie on for 2 plus hrs)it comes up with the usual cannot read disc

    Having replaced the thermal pads in the drive with pads the same size as the chips its now running much better.2 days of films running for 8hrs plus and no problems reading any blu rays.Plus ran a blue ray for 24hrs on repeat and then removed it and it read the next one put in no problems at all.
    Also maybe a bit of a weird thing but when removing the blu ray after the film is over the discs themselves come out a lot cooler than before.
    I will now open the drive in my second one and check the pcb for any dry joints inc the sata interface pcb at the back and pop new thermal pads in that one as well but it refuses to read blu rays in any condition.