Polk introduces the MagniFi MAX SR



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    Somehow the length post I placed here didn't stick. Anyway, as I posted on AVS forum:

    "John Wick 2 on Cinemax sounded very good. Great screeching and punches, lots of crash'em up. Dialogue (for what that's worth in this movie) was clear, cut through the effects well. The surrounds were crisp with quick response. (Some bars I know have significant lag getting the signal to the wireless rears.)

    Tuned over to War Dogs on HBO and the sound was just fine. There's more music track on this movie and the Polk handled it admirably."

    To address your question(s), today I watched the NHL Winter Classic, live, outdoors from Citifield NYC. The announce was distinctly separate from the effects and crowd. Football announcers on Sunday was also well defined. Keep in mind almost all sports are mixed in surround, and often the rear channels can be heavy-handed. Lowering the rear channels, or turning them off completely, is always an option. In my opinion, the front soundbar and sub handle sports events well, and the surrounds are a season to taste addition.

    Two-channel programs (news etc) sounded odd to my ear originally. I think it a matter of getting used to the way it was, and now sounds different with a new speaker in place. In the ten days, I am appreciating the soundbars characteristics on this type of program.
  • LeeSoFLLeeSoFL Posts: 92
    The Rose Bowl, airing now on ESPN seems like a very hot mix. Lots of crowd presence in the front L/R. Having been involved with the first Monday Night Football telecast done in Surround Sound, I know that more compression added to the play-by-play and color commentators results in an overwhelming degree in the ambient effects mix.
  • Hello, do you know when a firmware update for the Magnifi Max SR will be released next.

    I am getting high pitched popping (short noises) from the SR speakers and the dialogue speaker doesn't seem to get much louder when volume is increased?

    Thank you,
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