Douglas Connection - Furutech angled banana plugs from Douglas

Douglas Connection did some re-termination of PNF Audio speaker cables for me recently. I really like these Furutech FP-202G angled locking banana plugs. My Dahlquists have binding posts that angle up and normal banana plugs would eventually bend under the pressure. The Furutechs allow the wire to come out at a downward angle plus they accept another banana to be inserted in the locking end. The photo below depicts my LSi-M 703's, which have straight-out binding posts but I like the Furutechs on them as well. I had Doug make me some jumpers out of 6 inches off the end of the PNF's, which are much better than stock jumpers, and allow my to easily switch out different speakers when I want and these locking plugs stay out when in place. The Furutech plugs are real quality and anyone considering replacing those cheap compression banana ends that come on a lot of cables should contact Douglas and look into re-terminations.



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