Yaqin MS-30L Tube Integrated

Now that I've sold my SRS 2s, I have no need for my Yaqin MS-30L.

EL34B tube integrated with remote. It's rated at 50 wpc in ultralinear mode, but has a switch to go to triode at 25 wpc. It has about 300 hours on it. It has the stock Shuguang output tubes, which many say are a perfect match for it. It will power any SDA effortlessly.

I swapped the Shuguang input tubes for NOS 60's military GEs. The original Shuguangs are included, as is manual, box, and all original accessories.

Lots of info and positive reviews out there.

Would prefer pickup in Lansing, Michigan, but can ship. It's a heavy sucker, so figure around $50. Can deliver to Jackson or Ann Arbor.




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