Bridget Jones / Notting Hill

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Just picked up a deal from Video Ezy (Australia) with these two movies. Bridget is the one everyone has been raving about, however, I much preferred Notting Hill with Julia Roberts playing a famous movie star (sounds familiar, I guess she didn't need to do much acting for this role) and Hugh Grant as a nobody who 'ran' into her in the street, and the romance began from there.

Well worth a watch, both of these flics, but definitely Notting Hill
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  • RuSsMaNRuSsMaN Posts: 17,995
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    Haven't seen either, I'll put em on my to-do list....

    DTS/Widescreen on either? Just curious....

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    Unfortunetely, both DD, and only faily average at that. Not a real test for the Polks, but alright as movies to watch.

    Actually, for the Polks, I loved SPACE COWBOYS. Although in DD, still excellent sound track and really uses the rears as well as the subbie. I want to get it out again, I was so impressed the first time.
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