Mounting amp to sub ok??

I helping my son add a 10 inch sub to his system. Can the sub amp be mounted to the sub box? It would be helpful for when he needs the truck space and the sub needs to come out for short time periods.


  • 20hz
    20hz Posts: 636
    should be fine thieves love it !
    I built my box with sunken in sides so the amps sit flush , well the next morning I came out to do the fun wiring to find a broken window and the box w/amps were gone .
    Big bummer well that was the first and last time I did that !
  • I don't see anything wrong in doing that except it would look better and would be a space saver. I actually just did that with the newly purchased subwoofer that I bought from 4wheelonline when I bought a set of Michelin tires
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