Please Help , Polk Surroundbar 50

Hey guys I have spent months thing to find this and was hoping to get some help here. I am in search for (3) Polk Surroundbar 50 (AM5045) Black. I prefer to get the black ones but at this point I would take the titanium if I could find them. I live in Dallas and I was able to get one on Craigslist for $100 which was in excellent condition with all the accessories and the original box. I know I got super lucky with that one. I do have 4 of the AM4057 Titanium surroundbars that I will list for sale if I can find the 50's but I upgraded all of my TV'S to 65" and that's why I am desperately searching for the 50's if anyone has some advice I would greatly appreciate it. I know it's a tall order for a discontinued unit and I thank everyone in advance for your help. I also have an incredible amount of speakers from the RT LINE that I would be willing to part with as a trade if anyone is interested. Examples RT1000i,RT1000p, RT800i, RT600i, RT55i, F/X500, FX50, FX30, FXi50, etc. And that's just the beginning


  • This would have more view it you post it in the speakers section instead of the garage section.
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    Bedroom consist of NHT model 2 powered by Parasound hca1200ii coming from my computer.

    Stuff laying around. Too much to list but don't want to sell either.
  • I have a Black Polk Surroundbar 50, if you're still interested- in great condition. Just email me at my user name@gmail.