Best Low Pass Freq for PSW-10/T15 bookshelf

Should I set the PSW-10 LPF to 160Hz when coupled with the T15 bookshelf speaker? I listen to Jazz music. I have my T15 mounted on 30 inch speaker stands with the PSW-10 positioned between both T15 which are spaced approximately 8 feet apart. The sound is outstanding using this setting. In addition, what is the purpose of the 0 – 180 phase switch? Its currently set to “0”, should it remain on this setting? Thanks


  • Hello,
    Welcome to Polk's forum. The low frequency capability of the T15 speakers is given as 60Hz. I usually recommend doubling this frequency, in this case giving 120Hz as a good place to begin limiting the upper frequency of the subwoofer. However, there are many variables that come into play, such as the distance from the wall behind the speakers also room cancellations and standing waves that can enter into the equation.
    The purpose of the polarity selector is to allow the owner to compensate for differences in relative placement between the listener and the speakers and the listener and the subwoofer. In general terms if the speakers and the subwoofer are in the same general area of the room then use the "0" setting. Another, more rigorous approach would be to play through your system a steady bass tone of around 120/160Hz and cycle between the two settings and select the position that seems stronger. Perhaps one of our CP members can recommend a suitable online site that has test tones available?
    Cheers, Ken
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