N'Sync is cut from Ep.II

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Still won't see this in the theater, but there is hope for those that will. It appears Lucas had nothing to do with their casting in the first place. McCallum cast'em, Lucas Axed'em.

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    Micah will be heartbroken.

  • TroyDTroyD Posts: 12,323
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    Micah is down in the recesses of his **** screening room bashing his head against the wall...."It's not fair! It's not fair!....."

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    i hope micah still held onto his concert tickets to see them...
  • Anti MicahAnti Micah Funniest Guy Ever Posts: 8
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    I have a report from a reliable source that Micah has been crying all day and when asked what is wrong, he only sobs "why?...*sob*sniff*...why would he...*sniff*sniff*sob*... betray...us...this...waaaaaayyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!" Quite pathetic really, but such is the life of the devoted.

    "Well, when I found out thatit was really that freak Micah who wanted the talentless hacks in my movie, I pulled them immediately. I mean, who really wants that kind of perversion connected to their work?"
    George lucas on removing N'Sync from his upcoming Star War release.

    "Yeah, we are ok with it. I mean finding out that it was that psychotic Micah who had us put in the film, we were more than happy to withdraw. You know, I don't really want to be connected to that kind of perversion anyway."
    Justin Timberlake, member of N'Sync on being removed from the upcoming Lucas film, Star Wars, Episode II.
    "Micah is a big hot bag of wind"
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    "Micah, yeah we know him, dear god why wont he leave us alone?" all of the members of N'Sync

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