db651 TS Parameters

I am using a pair of db651s (thats plural, not the slims) as part of a battery powered mobile "boom box". Are there published t/s parameters for these speakers to assist in sizing the enclosure for them?


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    Welcome to Polk's forum. The db651 are designed as "infinite baffle" type speakers, meaning they don't require a specific volume of air behind them for best sound. All that has to happen is that the forward moving sound wave be kept isolated from the rearward moving sound wave. This is done since the speaker can often be used in car door panels and rear decks with different internal dimensions.
    For your application make the box as large as possible to prevent reducing bass output from over damping. Also, no tuning ports are needed, just a fairly large sealed box with some internal bracing and a moderate amount of Dacron behind the speakers.
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    This forum seems all but head, but for what its worth, I put the two speakers in approximately a 1cuft enclosure, sealed, and there was absolutely no bass. Added a 2" x 2" round port on the backside, that tunes the box to approx 50hz. Lots of bass, speakers don't bottom out, very happy with the setup. Slightly boomy, but for the application that is fine.
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