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I recently purchased a psw108 subwoofer to supplement my small bookshelf speakers (KEF q100's). The bookshelf speakers sound great by themselves, however the bass becomes distorted at higher volumes. What is the best method to install my subwoofer (polk audio PS-108)? The receiver has a pre-amp subwoofer out, but there is no internal crossover in the Tx8160. What's the best way to send higher frequencies to the bookshelf speakers and lower frequencies to the sub?

Will the low pass work as a crossover, sending all low freq to the sub and high freq to the mains, If I use the speaker line level inputs on the sub and then run from the line level output on the sub to the speakers? Or will it still send full freq bandwidth to the mains??



  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 7,320
    Hello Art,
    Welcome to Polk's fount of knowledge. There isn't a high pass filter on the subwoofer, whatever comes in goes out. The only thing it can do is produce low frequencies with a built in variable low pass filter. You would have use an external passive high pass filter between the speaker level outputs of either the receiver or the subwoofer to eliminate low frequencies from reaching the KEFs.
    In the world of car audio this would be called a "bass blocker".
    Regards, Ken

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