Low Frequency note Compensation/distortion?

Hello all,

I recently acquired a PSW108 10' Subwoofer. I have been rather impressed with the overall performance, but I noticed a strange characteristic of the woofer and was wondering if there was any way to bypass it. Whenever it hits a note of around 45Hz or below, there is an odd distortion where the woofer almost tries to compensate for itself and plays a note that is higher than the actual note. It sounds washed out and is what sounds to be the same note 1 octive higher, but played at the same time. It will switch back and forth between the correct note and the false one, however, and this can be rather annoying when listening to a song with an extended duration of a low note. Any answers would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Gabe


  • I would say it's probably the first harmonic in your harmonic distortion but the bit about switching back and forth, I dunno, sounds strange. Coloration from a box resonance or what is referred to as "ringing" from a ported box being too small for the driver maybe.
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