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Good day!

I own the RTI A9 towers and the tweeter and one of the 5.25-Inch polymer composite cone drivers are defective. I was looking to get a replacement for both but can't find anywhere how to proceed. I don't mind paying but I would just like to know where I can go to find them.

Thank you very much in advance.


  • Hi...sorry about that I had seen your reply but I was playing with the new receiver and had company. The 5.25 went away before the tweeter. I had these speakers for quite a while now. All I want is a place to replace them. I thought there would be some sort of store or something but I guess it's not the case. I am driving them with a standard receiver Onkyo 606 and I used to push the speakers harder but not anymore. I guess they just became damaged with use and time....if I could just replace them it would be great. I now have a ticket opened with customer support. Waiting to hear from them. Thank you F1nut
  • awesome!! thanks a lot F1nut
  • There does not seem to be any action going on with my request. Is there anyone from Canada who knows the best way to get service? a phone number or email address? thank you
  • Thank you for your help again. This would have been one tough find. I have tried a lot of different combinations on google to try and find how to get support in Canada.

  • thanks so much Nbrowser...much appreciated!!
  • nbrowser you we're right! Sam is great! Already took care of my order. Great quick service. Can't thank you enough for pointing him out to me. :-)
  • djblockerdjblocker Posts: 1
    Can you point me in the direction of who you in the same situation
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