WTB: Inexpensive (!) pair of 2.5 mH chokes (coils) for crossover experiments

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For my ongoing (and, it seems, increasingly nefarious) Franken-Duplex experiments.

The 604E LF section, spec'd by Altec as "8 to 16 ohm", certainly seem to my ear to behave like 8 ohm drivers (i.e., 5 mH chokes rolled 'em off too low).

I'd like to try a pair of 2.5 mH chokes on them, but i want to minimize cash outlay.
If anyone might have a pair of air-core 2.5 mH chokes gathering dust from some unrealized project, I would be interested.

Something like this would be dandy.

Smaller gauge wire is OK (we're rockin' 3.5 watts per channel at my house); exact value's not too critical either (2.2 to 2.7 mH would be fine for my purposes)! Air-core definitely preferred.

PM me if you've got something surplus to your needs.
I figured it couldn't hurt to ask!
Thanks very much for your consideration.

PS. The Franken-Ds thank you, too!

30484462192_edc207111c_b.jpgDSC_6386a by Mark Hardy, on Flickr
30564770966_e21bfb612a_b.jpgDSC_6389 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr


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    Hi Mark,

    If you're a patient man, I've got a pair of 2.5mH inductors that you can have, gratis. I believe they are 20 gauge wire as indicated by the chart from this thread.

    Patience is required because they're currently installed in my SDA 2BTLs--I bought a set of Jantzen replacements, "just because", many moons ago but have yet to install them. I can likely get to this project over the week of Thanksgiving...

    If someone can get you faster service, by all means, take them up on their offer.


    Edit: Was there a reason that italics don't work in vanilla? When I'm pretending to know Latin, I like italics. :(
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    oh, I am patient -- and cheap! Thanks & keep me posted!

    The italics thing is funny. They don't work for me, either --in Chrome.

    In Bono or Edge or whatever that Microsoft browser thing is called, they're fine.
    Some other folks who use Chrome report they work fine, too.
    I still use 'em, I just cannot see them myself -- but i have faith that they are there.

    And bold still works for everyone :)
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    30725877930_d39564b2d6_b.jpgDSC_6439 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr

    Listenin' to these abominations now -- they are kicking ash and taking names.

    That's a 511B horn with an 802D driver bolted to it, cowering on the floor down near the lower left corner of the photo, btw :)
    They're no match for the Community horns and the 2" throat JBL drivers, not even close (and the 802D is a pretty nice 1" driver).