2000/2006 era? Energy ES-10. Any experience or opinions

A friend of a friend has a few things I want, which are over priced as is, but they want to sell a bunch of stuff together including some electronics and outdated (not vintage) low end stereo system. One of which is an Energy ES-10 sub that they think is worth $150-200. (I think they saw the same listings I did on ebay, but don't understand these rarely sell for that price, if they even sell at all). I've negotiated some with real data. A cheap DVD player is not worth $75 when I can get a new BD player for that price. Sadly they will likely let it all rot to nothing before cutting the price too much.

I think its a 2006 era sub, or maybe even ~2000. Some info says it is ported, yet some pictures show sealed. It only has a 100W plate amp. I think it was only ~$150 new and some may have sold for $100 on closeout. There seems to be some other info out there suggesting prices of $200+ new, but I think that was a different model. I forget who made these, but I think they were marketed under two different company names at the time. Since then then Energy name and logo has been acquired by others more than once to make it more confusing, along with using variations of the ES-10 model name. It is not a Power10, ESW-10, etc.

I only got a fuzzy pic of the back plate when I asked for more info. As best I can tell it looks like this one on ebay.


IMO its a cheap, old, not very good sub woofer that may be worth $50 as best. But I don't need another cheap sub. I have a ported Jamo 10" that sold for $100+ at the time, but I got NIB for $50 at a store closing. It is nothing special, but for $50 I can find a use for it, but still have a little regret. I am planning on getting something like an SVS sub or better down the line, and I think my money is better spent on that.

I'd go listen to it, but its a long drive and has been moved to storage so no real good place to listen.


  • I sold one for $50 about 5 years ago.

    I got it with a pair of speakers for free.

    It did not go too low but it was better than not having a sub

    If I remember correctly it was easy to overdrive and sound distorted
  • pkquat
    pkquat Posts: 729
    Thanks. That is what I was thinking, a cheap low quality sub that I have no interest in. I may have to pass on everything. There is so much junk bundled that he wants real money for. I think its reached a point with the remaining items that even if its obvious it has next to nothing value he won't budge.
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