Polk Woodbourne - The best deal in BT lifestyle speakers right now

Guys, if you're like me, the idea of bluetooth speakers around the house is unnerving. The terrible sound quality, boomy bass with no clarity, Bose sound....

Be that as it may, I needed one for the wife and baby. She needed something easy to connect to for the nursery, and so I went hunting. Thanks to the wonders of Amazon Prime, I've had in my home, at least a dozen speakers that were claimed to be the best out there (under $1k). I had the two biggest Beoplays from B&O, JBL's biggest and best, Peachtree, Bose, and Marshall. All the while, I had seen Polk's offering but stayed away as there is little to no info on it out there. The trouble is all those other ones mentioned just sound plain bad. even the admittedly beautiful Beoplay A6 and 15. I was tempted to suffer through sound of the A6 just for the sheer beauty of the thing.

Anyway, while I had my three other favorites, I bought the Polk Woodbourne seeing as it was heavily discounted from it's ~$700 to $250. I thought I would just see if maybe it would be good enough as to save me 800 bucks, and have "good enough" sound. I wasn't expecting much.

Let me just say that the Polk Woodbourne blew me away. It was so much clearer and cleaner than any of the others. There was actually a presence to the music. there was weight, but not that bloated "wow can you believe this tiny thing is play so deeply? never mind that it is completely flabby and unbalanced" sound. It likely has something to do with super solid wood cabinet, unlike the plastic boxes of the others. Anyway, this thing has the true Polk sound, not a compromised bluetooth version, like many of their sound bars.

Here's the rub: they don't make it anymore. the upshot of that, however, is that you can get it on amazon for a cool $250 still. And if you're in the market for a BT home speaker, this is an incredible bang for your buck. If you need portable, the JBL charge has the best sound and is waterproof and the battery lasts forever, Extreme if you need it to be loud. The Peachtree Deepblue was a close second, but it's SO ugly, and definitely not as clear, deeper bass though.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with the community. I'm not one for consumer reviews, but this is one I felt needed to be shared. Hopefully someone can benefit from my hundreds of hours listening to horrible bluetooth sound to find this gem.

Oh, I should mention it's giant, and heavy. probably 28" long and 10" tall. But the wood top and cream fabric sides are even more impressive in person.

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