Amazon Music

The new Amazon Music looks cool, but only because I already have a Echo and a Dot on the way.

Anyone know what it streams at?
Is it more of a Spotify service or a free Pandora service in terms of bit rate.


  • rooftop59rooftop59 Posts: 6,689
    256 kpbs. This is in direct competition with Spotify premium, google and Apple Music. It won't, however, pull me away from tidal, which streams flax lossless.
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    This looks good for whole home audio. For my 2ch rig I will stick with Tidal and LP, but for all my other zones this may be cool. My family seems to like it better then Sonos bc there is no app involved, we just ask Alexa to play pandora or a song from prime.

    Ohhh and the Echo is 50 bucks vs sonos at 350 bucks, granted it does do way more.
  • You can try tool. Transfer your tracks and playlists to Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music and more for free with MusConv tool
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