FXi A4 Position/Improvements

Hello, I'm new here to the forum and first of all please don't mind the mess. I just got home from work and I want to drop by and post this before I go to bed and hopefully I have a bunch of replies.

So, as you can see in the pictures, I would like to get some suggestion for an improvement for my speakers positioning mainly my FXi A4. It's currently in Bi-pole mode sitting on a mount against the wall. How can I better position these? any inputs would be greatly appreciated




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    I am far from an expert in these things, but could the fxi be placed a little bit closer to each other? Others please chime in, but wouldnt having one of the fxi in the corner kind of negate some of the enveloping sound effect? Also, how do the front speakers sound? I can't tell from the photo too well, but it looks like the left is almost in a corner and there is the shelf beside it.
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    What AVR do you run and did you perform the room correction?
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    Mount them in the wall, about 1/3 of the way from each end of the sides of your couch. Place them about 5 feet high off the floor, and move your couch forward about a foot from the wall.

    I would use the stands to check the height, may have to lower them 6 inches or so, but then I would wall mount them.

    These speakers are designed to radiate sound in a arc type pattern, and depending on the selection of bi pole or di pole will determine if it is a larger or smaller arc. Can also be described as more front/forward firing.

  • What AVR do you run and did you perform the room correction?

    Denon AVR-4200W and yes I did.
  • so to mount them behind my sofa, I don't want to drill a hole into my concrete wall. is there any kind of special tac or something that i can put my speaker mount on?
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    Instead of drilling into wall is there something that you could put your stands on to raise them? Maybe make a wooden box or platform?
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    Given your room layout, and lack of drilling into that rear wall, that's about the best it's gonna get the way you have it now.
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    Sorry to dig up an old thread but which speaker stands are those?