PSW125 Humming / Vibration

I've been having an issue with my PSW125. I have a Sony STN-DN850 receiver, and JBL Loft front speakers, and center channel speaker.

I've had the Sub for 3 years. No problems until lately. I started getting a humming / vibrating sound while watching TV or movies. I've switched out the cable to the sub. Both cables I've tried are high quality, and there had been no problem for the first 3 years with the sub.

Now that I've changed out the cables a couple of times there is a new problem. When I plug the power back into the sub and switch it to from Standby to either Auto or On I immediately get a quite intense loud sustained vibration. It is only absent when the sub volume is turned all the way down. If you turn the volume slightly up it appears and gets louder as the volume is turned up.

I'm connected using the subwoofer out/ right channel LFE method and the low pass setting on the sub is turned to LFE.

Any suggestions or ideas?


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