Need advice on a good free user-friendly media player/ripping program

Hi folks, I just bought myself a nice A&K DAP and thought it's about time I rip all my music using a better media program than Windows Media Player. The advice I've been given in the past is to go for a program which uses Accurate rip such as JRiver. Basically i'm just after a simple, user-friendly program to rip my cd's lossless with the best resolution & takes care of your metadata etc. I'm not really into tweaking the settings excessively. From there, I just need to be able to upload my music to my A&K player (incl: metadata). Thanks guys.



  • EAC (Exact Audio Copy) is one of the best free rippers out there.
  • Thanks D'prived :). It's interesting you mentioned that program as that was the first program A&K recommended to me also, the other being Foobar2000. Will check that out & report my findings!
  • You're welcome! Good luck with it and let us know how it goes.
  • audiobliss
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    I've used EAC, dbPowerAmp, and MediaMonkey to rip CD's to FLAC. I wouldn't discourage you from using any of those. EAC probably seems the most intimidating, MediaMonkey has the most polished interface, with dbPowerAmp probably falling between them in usability. None of them were difficult to setup or use, though. It's been way too long since I've used them for me to provide much more information.

    Congrats on the DAP and good luck with your new digital audio pursuit!
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  • Thanks Audiobliss, I will check out the other two programs you mentioned. If hard pressed to pick one, which could you live with as far as a user-friendly, accurate ripper/player goes?

    Btw, do you find the FLAC codec superior to WAV lossless?

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