Denon hdmi board fried

Hey guys I have a denon 3808ci avr and the hdmi board has stopped working and I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way I can fix this myself. Also wondering if it would be possible if I found an HDMI board off of a different amp to replace it with that or something along those lines and suggestions would help thanks


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    I don't have a solid answer, but a google search should turn up more results. I was debating on this and another model on a craigslist ad, but passed on them because of the board issues. As I recall, this model and and similar one had this issue. It was not uncommon. I think you can get a replacement, however I am not sure if you can install it yourself.
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    I don't believe the boards are interchangeable . If they were, we'd know about it as many receivers these days seem to have that problem. Best bet is to give Denon a call and see if they can do anything for you.
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    I ran into the same problem with a receiver.

    The cost of the new board was more than the receiver was worth.

    You might be better selling your receiver for parts on eBay and buying a different receiver new or used
  • I had the HDMI board go out in my Pioneer SC-09TX after a lightning strike hit the cable. It fried my brand-new Sharp TV and the cable box too. The TV and the AVR were both under warranty though. I'm glad because both would have been very expensive repairs.

    The HDMI board was $900. Since the receiver was $7,000 new I probably would have paid to repair it if I would have had to but am glad the damage was fully-covered under the Pioneer warranty.

    I purchased the 60" Sharp TV 11 months prior to the event and only had a couple weeks left on the warranty when it happened. When I took the TV back to Best Buy they told me they would just replace it. The TV cost $1899 the previous year. The price had dropped dramatically since then and the newer models were out so $1899 got me a whole lot more TV for my money than it did 11 months earlier. I actually spent an extra $100 and got the flagship 60" from Sharp. I made out in that respect.

    My SRT amps and the rest of my components were unharmed.

    I found out afterwards that there was a bad ground on my Charter cable line and they sent a repair crew out to run all-new cable to my house. They also would have paid for the damage but since it was all covered by warranty I didn't push the issue.
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