dBpoweramp, JRiver; other | CD Ripping Settings and Recommendations

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Hey guys, I'm just now getting started in high resolution. I know, criminal.
I messed a bit with EAC a while back and am now playing with dBpoweramp. I've also heard good things about JRiver.

Before I get too far into this, I have a few general questions:
  1. What software do you guys use for this?
  2. Does the drive quality make a difference? If so, what should I be looking for in a drive?
  3. Inaccurate/CRC - how important is this? I try to take pretty good care of my discs, but some of my older favorites have some light scratches that I imagine are contributing to the accuracy/errors/CRC differential I'm seeing in some albums in dBpoweramp when ripping is complete. I'm going to test these again on another machine that has a newer, quality drive installed. I'm not able to detect any obvious problems with tracks that show Inaccurate/CRC differential. Should I enable an error correction feature?
  4. What kind of general settings should I be using? For example, in dBpoweramp, I'm using:
    - .flac
    - Lossless Encoding Level 5 (default/recommended)
    - Secure Ripping for error recovery (default was Burst); they say this stresses the drive?
    - Logging enabled
  5. Those of you using dBpoweramp, is it worth springing for the PerfectTUNES add-on?

Anything else I'm overlooking?
Any other tips?
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