Merging digital and analogue systems.

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I recently inherited what is to me an excellent stereo system based around a Yamaha A700 and Polk 10Bs. I have always liked stereo and have a small space. I have my reasons for wanting to stay with stereo and have had the Amp serviced and will be replacing the tweeters and possibly crossover caps on the 10Bs. The issues with the 10Bs are minor and normally only show up occasionally, otherwise they are in fantastic condition. I have compared the system side by side with an audiophile friends $20k or so system. While these sound different, there are pros and cons to each so I'm keeping my analogue system. Don't bother suggesting a LoFi AV receiver, I won't do it, can't afford to match sonic quality that way.

Anyway, I don't know much about digital yet so likely mistaken about some things in this space. I have a Samsung smart TV UA32J5500 and a TEAC PVR HD2500T.

As the PVR only takes broadcast input I connected to TV via HDMI.
The TV has 3 HDMI in, 2 USB and DA out is optical, AA out is jack at line level (not headphone). I have a cheap BD player as an interim measure and AMC CD8a. I am looking to get one of the OPPOs to replace both.

First question is, do I really need an OPPO or just a straight up CD/DVD/BD player as the TV does streaming anyway?

Next, I have been looking at DACs but have some family driven criteria and performance criteria for me. I have been looking at the Essence HDACC as it appears to tick all these boxes. Remote control input selection and volume control is important for family AV but performance in my main criteria. So this is my thinking; I can connect a disk player to the HDACC via HDMI in pass through mode to the TV HDMI. Then take optical from TV back to the HDACC. This gives 2 modes, all family AV is through the optical so no source changes, but I can change the HDACC input to HDMI for HDA music direct from BD player. (Pass through mode means there are 2 separate audio paths through the HDACC so this will not create a feedback loop)

I can connect both HDACC headphone and line outs to different Amp inputs. This gives the family that all important remote volume control via headphone jack while maintaining a direct mode for my music via RCA line level just by selecting the appropriate amp input.

The thing is though that the HDACC will cost me around $760 to land in Australia and a decent linear power supply possibly another $300 maybe. For this I could just get OPPO 105AU instead of the planned 103AU and run everything through that, but will it achieve all my requirements?

Please be gentle with correcting my ignorance.

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