Does anyone know how to play a DSF file from my PC to my P5



  • I am 99% sure that you can use foobar to play DSF files.

    Foobar and a DSF and ASIO4All plug in are required.
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    A switch sends information only through the ports which PC's are talking to each other.where as a hub sends information out every port.regardless.

    Are you talking about a Router or a Hub?(*which is a totally different thing*)
    A Router assigns an IP (*Internet Protocal*) address to each device connected. That IP address is what allows the device to connect to the internet via the Modem (*which is the gateway-when you're taking about Cable or DSL.Fiber is a whole other planet*)
    A switch does not do that.
    Either will allow your devices inside the house to communicate with each other. However NO communication-inside or outside the house-will be possible without the Router. You cannot simply plug a bunch of devices into a Switch and expect them to talk to each other without a Router. ;)

    A DHCP server assigns IP Addresses. With most routers this can be turned on/off.

    Layer 3 switches can route traffic if the manufacturer has enabled such a feature.

    Yes you can plug in a bunch of devices into a switch and expect them to work. Especially layer 2 only switches. Most layer 3 the entire switch will be defaulted to VLAN1 so same difference. All that needs be done is the computers are on the same IP subnet.

    The entire switching fabric represents a broadcast domain. Each port represents a collision domain. Broadcast domains terminate at the router.

    You only need a router to reach a host on a different network. i.e Machine A at and machine B at would need a router.