Sub Often Doesn't Power On Automatically

I'm using an SVS PCi 25-31 with my Marantz AV7702 Pre/Pro. I've noticed lately that the subwoofer is not on during music and HT use. I have it set to "Auto" instead of "On", as that always seemed to work with my old Anthem MRX. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this issue...

It works great when I manually switch it "on". It'll even stay on when I switch it back to "Auto", but seems like it doesn't come back on if I shut the system down and then power it back up later. I've read that it may not be getting a strong enough signal from the Marantz to turn on and that using a splitter at the sub end and connecting to both the left and right input doubles the signal strength. I currently have the cable connected to only one input (can't remember which), the crossover set to disable (since it's handled at the Marantz), the gain about half-way, and the phase at 180 (I think...)

I did try increasing the SW gain in the Marantz speaker setup. I bumped it from (IIRC) -6.0 dB to -2.0 dB. When it's on now, it's a little too loud, so I may need to drop the gain at the sub down. I haven't tried powering it up since I adjusted the level and powered the system down last night. I also have not called SVS yet, but in my past experience, they are very helpful. Thought I'd ask here first.



  • gce
    gce Posts: 2,158
    I leave my SVS on all the time because I was having the same problem a couple years ago. I've had no problem leaving it on.
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  • scubalab
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    Yep. I guess that is the obvious/simple solution. I'll probably do that and just call it a day!
  • ken brydson
    ken brydson Posts: 8,023
    I've heard that sometimes using a splitter on your sub cable to feed both right and left inputs can help a lazy auto on problem.
  • scubalab
    scubalab Posts: 2,995
    Ken - I did hear that, and do have a splitter I could try. Was wondering though, when doing that, would it change/increase the SPL from the sub since it's doubling the input?

    I do like @gce's solution too though... doesn't get much easier than that. :#
  • ken brydson
    ken brydson Posts: 8,023
    I don't think it's doubling the input but rather splitting it. Could be wrong though. If you have one give it a try...
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