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Whats a decent USB to Coaxial converter nowadays? I'm going coaxial out of my computer right now straight to my Anthem.

Given I am using ARC, any analog input is digitized to then run through the room correction, then converted back to analog. This makes any DAC used in front of the Anthem pointless.

So I'm looking to optimize the digital path and find a good high rez USB to Coaxial converter so I'm still digital, and be able to send a better signal than I could over Coaxial alone....

Hopefully that makes sense.

I'm a cheap **** so lets say under 500 total, but probably closer to 200 give or take. Used or new. I'm not looking to BUY yet, just want to start researching and figured you guys could point me in the right direction.

Suggestions welcome.

So far the two I've found are the:

M2TECH hiFace Two


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