Need advice/suggestions

PIONEER VSX-1120 receiver
Polk Monitor 70 (L ,R)
Polk CSiA6 (C)
Polk Monitor 40 (Rear L/R and Rear Surround L/R)
HSU STF-2 Powered Subwoofer

Want to repurpose all these and spend on pre-amp, RTiA9 may be.
Recently saw a floor model of RTi12 for $379 each - is that a good deal to add to my existing setup (or replace Monitor 70) or let it go?


  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 2,129
    Many people think the difference between the RTI and RTIA lines is cosmetic, but there is a sound signature difference. Mixing speaker lines, be it from the same or different manufacturers isn't recommended. You don't want to draw attention, localize any of your front 3 speakers.

    Polk's eBay site has the RTIA 7's for $349.99 and the A9's for $524.99. It's strongly suggested that you have a separate amp to power either of these. Could be wrong, but I think your AVR has pre-outs. If it does hold off on the pre-amp, grab a high current amp, and get the 7's or 9's.

    You have a pretty decent sub, so even the A5's will give your front sound stage an improvement. You won't need an amp with those guys.

    if your budget is limited, I would probably suggest the A7's over the 12's. If you can afford the extra 300 I'd go with the A9's. The Polk eBay site is run by Polk Audio, and the products I've personally purchased from it was in pristeen condition.

  • atl999atl999 Posts: 18
    Thanks, rpf65, this is really useful. But it seems there is just one of RTiA9 at Polk Direct (a bit unusual!). Not sure if A7 is the next better option?
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