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    I used to have the lsi9. I actually liked the 9's quite a bit. Something with that tweeter that agreed with my ears. In the den, I ran the 9's for quite a long time but, that darn upgrade bug lept getting the best of me.

    In my livingroom, i have a full rti system with rti12 as yhe fronts all running on a older pioneer elite sc27 I got from LeroyJR ( what ever happened to him?) This might drive some folks a bit nuts but as long as i have had this rig in the livingroom, i have never even hooked up the rears and they are the bipole/dipole ones. I would once in a while listen to music on here ( 2 channel or 2 channel and a sub) but I honestly dont remember the last time i turned this on to watch a movie. For music though,the 12's for my tastes, they werr a hair bright and always had to tame them down a bit. Omce dialed in for my taste though, the 12 can play darn loud!.

    I picked up the 25 but, was afraid the sc27 would not be able to run them since they are a 4 ohm speaker. I did a lot of research on the web and found out a lot of folks ran the 25's on receivers and pulled the trigger.

    Before the hernia surgery Thursday, i hooked them up but did not play around with placement. I am running it in pure mode or direct mode so i didn't meed to worry about running the calibration on the receiver. I cannot move them around or anything yet but they sound darn good. That top end that the 9's had is back. I'm actually quite surprised how well the sc27 sounds on them. Not tube sounding but not analytical sounding either. I played around with the sub settings on the processor and so far, 50 hz going to the dual 12's sub is working out nicely.

    All my listening so far has been through an Amazon fire optical out directly to the receiver via the TV optical out to the receiver. My fire is a gen2 not the newest gen 3 that omitted the optical out( why they dropped it to me was STUPID) on my fire, i run the tidal app. On the tv, it actually picks up my NAS and i can run uncompressed wave. It actually sounds darn good for what it is!.

    I am thinking when i can crawl around again, maybe i will try running the speakers Bi amp. With the pioneer, i can turn the 2 back channels and try running it bi. Anyone ever do this with LSI25? Did it make a difference?

    Please remember, my opinions on here are heavily under the influence of Norco. I hope i still like my findings in a few days when im not on the pills anymore.
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    Drahthaar wrote: »
    You need to take a vacation down in beautiful, sunny, and warm Florida. Bring the speakers with you, and I'll take them off your hands, and buy you a glass of orange juice.

    Shameless plug...
    @Drathaar , I have a pair in the FS section, North of Orlando.
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