any harm w/ this set-up

I just changed out my pre-amp to a Sony es-2000 processor that has 2chl capabilities w/ phono, remote and subwoofer. I wanted to see if my powered Klipsch could work both units, the other my Yamaha RX-V665 for h/t, i-pod,i-net radio, and tv. Now I had a short Y-splitter ( Monster Cable) that I used into the Klipsch lead at my termination point and then the 2 other ends (dh Lab i/c) into the Yamaha and the Sony. It does work for both units. I'm just wondering is there any undo stress or anything wrong w/ this at all. I never use both systems at the same time so that's not an issue. I thought my 2Bs could use a bit of a boost and they got it but being this early I didn't let them loose yet. You dudes know better than me...
2chl- Adcom GFA- 555-Onkyo P-3150v pre/amp- JVC-QL-A200 tt- Denon 1940 ci cdp- Adcom GFS-6 -Modded '87 SDA 2Bs - Dynamat Ext.- BH-5- X-Overs VR-3, RDO-194 tweeters, Larry's Rings, Speakon/Neutrik I/C- Cherry stain tops Advent Maestros,Ohm model E

H/T- Toshiba au40" flat- Yamaha RX- V665 avr- YSD-11 Dock- I-Pod- Klipsch #400HD Speaker set-

Bdrm- Nikko 6065 receiver- JBL -G-200s--Pioneer 305 headphones--Sony CE375-5 disc
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