Atmos upgrade with ceiling speakers

I currently have Pioneer Elite VSX-32 reciever driving Klipsch mains with Polk 8" in ceiling speakers (RC80i I think), TL-1 center with Martin Logan sub.
I'm considering ATMOS upgrade.
1. I'd like to verify the speaker type, so I need to tool to remove the grill - where can I get that?
2. Can I add 2 front high in-ceiling Polk speakers Pioneer ATMOS reciever to get to reasonable 7.1.2 system? What model should I use for front high?


  • The RC80i ceiling speakers are rear surround only at this time.
  • dpowelldpowell Posts: 2,820
    I would add a model that closely timbre matches what you have. With the Klipsch mains and Polk rears, you don't have a completely matched system so go with what you think sounds best. Also consider whether or not you will want to upgrade to a 4 speaker Atmos setup in the future when placing the first two rears and when selecting a receiver. Some Atmos receivers will only drive one pair of Atmos surrounds.
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