need help locating best replacement amp for velodyne spl series 2

got the sub for free, a fuse replacement then allowed it to power up and the little light to show it is in fact on.

problem is the guy at a "TV" repair shop tried to help me out and said the amp was blown and did not seem to have any experience with audio gear.

My friend who owns what used to be radio shack "Now called Steren" electronics has agreed to do the install for free if I get a schematic and the amp.

I figure I can get the schematic from the velodyne site or by calling directly.

What I nee to know is how to judge which plate amp or others would match correctly with this unit, I have never done anything like this.

If I were anywhere near where velodyne is located I would turn it over to them,their prices are reasonable but I cant imagine the shipping costs on something like this.

In fact I think I'm going to start by checking their price for replacement amp shipped to me.

Trust me any advice would be greatly helpful, I have sat and stared at this thing with a little drool coming out the side of my mouth wondering what it could sound like, it would be my first sub approaching anything worth owning.

thanks again,

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  • scottyboy76scottyboy76 Posts: 2,935
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    BTW the actual model no. is SPL12BGII

    I just spoke with the guys at audiolab and he said if its a servo controlled unit, then the woofer and the amp would have to be replaced, at that point I think I will just try to part it out and sell.

    I have had a call in to velodyne for about a day and a half with no response.

    also I cant find that model no. in there discontinued section even to get specs or schematics, doubt the guy who calls me back will know anything either, hopefully so.

    BTW I used the old 9 volt battery test and the woofer responded, so that's a relief.

    It appears to my untrained eyes that only the speaker wires would need to be disconnected to remove and replace the board and amp.

    I'm aalmost tempted to give it a try, the factory amp is 350 plus ship.

    If given the choice of replacing a part and hope the rest of the 12 year old stuff lasts a while, I would definitely replace the whole thing.

    one last question, when we speak of replacing the amp, are we talking about the entire back plate assembly with all the controls and adjustments on the back, or are we talking about having to unhook one component and attaching the new component to all the old stuff.
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  • scottyboy76scottyboy76 Posts: 2,935
    please disregard as I just ordered a new amp from velodyne and cant wait.

    just unplug the speaker wires and the led on/off light wire and I can start pissin off the neighbors.
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  • nhhiepnhhiep Posts: 877
    i need one too. how much did you pay?
  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 45,220
    Looks like,
    the factory amp is 350 plus ship.

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  • ken brydsonken brydson Posts: 7,922
    F1nut wrote: »
    Looks like,
    the factory amp is 350 plus ship.

    Geez, for $125 more I'd go this route...
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  • scottyboy76scottyboy76 Posts: 2,935
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    Yeah, 350 for a 1000 watt factory amp for a 12 inch sealed sub.

    My back is not allowing me to move this thing around right now, but I really look forward to getting my ears on this thing.

    The driver and box are pristine, was part of a lake house system that was seldom used.

    Ken, 125 bucks is a lot of money for me, especially for an audio buy, if there was any driver or abuse issues I may have gone a different route.
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  • scottyboy76scottyboy76 Posts: 2,935
    BTW any advice on whether I can use the 2nd output from the sonic frontiers sfl1 preamp can go straight to the sub.

    I have never hooked a sub up using a 2 channel setup
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  • JPeteJPete Posts: 292
    BTW any advice on whether I can use the 2nd output from the sonic frontiers sfl1 preamp can go straight to the sub.

    I have never hooked a sub up using a 2 channel setup

    That's the way to do it if you want to run your main speakers full range and integrate the sub that way. If the sub has ins/outs to utilize the crossover point for the mains, then you could do that too. Pre>sub-in, sub-out>amplifier. Some find it easier to integrate the sub when crossing over the mains. Just depends on the speakers, room, and everything else really...
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  • scottyboy76scottyboy76 Posts: 2,935
    preciate that jpete, was wondering if the sub would get louder and need adjusting when volume on preamp is adjusted.

    Would kinda like to avoid running the signal through one more set of circuits if possible, but if I have to, I could go ahead and move it to the back into a surround system, or sell it if I cant get it to integrate well.

    The sda 1cs do a very admirable job of handling bass but would like to add a lower end.
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