Component mm6501 VS Coaxial mm651, sound clarity differences?

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I want to compare the sound quality between the mm6501 and mm651.

Are they both just as good? Do the midbass on the component or coaxial have differences?




  • arthuruscg
    I have not compared them directly, but the components should have a stronger mid cone since their is not a hole in the middle of it. But the biggest difference is being able mount the tweeter in a better then factory location.
    The front speaker location for my Freestar is at my knee. Having the tweeters up on the little triangle panel by the window, really raises where the sound is coming from and can also be aimed a lot better.
  • codycatalist
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    I would go with components personally. I like the sound of separation.

    Some do not like multiple layers of speakers and keep it to a minimum then choose Coaxial. It is subjective.
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