Amplifier with lower RMS wattage than the speakers, will it effect sound quality?

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I have 4 MM651's that are rated at 200w peak and 100w RMS,
40Hz to 25kHz, 2.7 ohms.

I will be getting a 2 ohm 4 channel amp, and I figure that it is a good idea to get an amplifier that delivers 100w RMS and 200w peak as well, to match the speakers.

The reason I think this is a good idea is because I am under the impression that the sound quality will suffer if I were to get say, a 45w RMS 4 channel 2 ohm amplifier instead.

Will the sound quality suffer if I got a 45w RMS 4 channel 2 ohm amplifier?

What I mean by suffer is clarity, not how high I can crank it, because I could care less about making my ears bleed, I just want them to slightly bleed you know?

Does sound quality suffer?

What should I be matching besides ohms? Do I match hz or khz? 94dB at whatever watts?

I need a professional to answer this.

Because today a professional media audio technician with 35 years of experience told me there WILL BE loss in quality if I were to get that 45w RMS amplifier. I'm just saying. I was told by others though that this is not the case. Please, I need an actual real answer that is true.

Also, at what point in wattage highs should I consider getting a capacitor so that it doesn't kill my alternator and battery?


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    No, the first question between a quality low power amp and a quality high power amp is how loud will they play.
    The second question is are they both happy playing into a 2 Ohm load.
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    No the sound quality will not suffer. The sound quality is how the amp is built. The speakers are efficient enough that 45 watts should be plenty, depending on the environment. Where you run into trouble is if you try to go too loud. The 45 amp will run out of steam and clip which will destroy the sound quality and might destroy your speakers. Most of the time you use less watts than you think at normal listening levels.
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    What specs do I match? What specs do I match for sound quality? Literally what is it that makes different brands better than others? Whats the quality spec?
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    Ahem ok what about this article on choosing the right amp:


    RIGHT. Who has more expertise on this?

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