Are soldered driver connections common for Polk?

I went to swap the tweeters in my Monitor 5As with the Monitor 4s I just picked up. Then I remember that all the wire connections to the drivers in the 5As are soldered. Both models are from late 1982. The 4s have push on connectors. Is this common? Not a big deal for me as I do solder, just curious.



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    My 7C's had soldered connections, only on the positive side of each driver, not the negative or tweeters. Strange I know but you're not the first. Maybe they ran out of connectors at that given time period?
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    Be sure to use a heat sink on the tab that's attached to the tweeter, otherwise the tab will come off and then the tweeter is ruined! Ask me how I know :neutral: . If you don't want to take a chance, just snip the wire 6 inches up or so and resolder the wire.
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    early models were soldered then as you said the went to fast ons
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    (thread resurrection)

    I encountered a similar problem today. I was planning on swapping some components between two pairs of Monitor 4s only to discover that one pair is soldered. I had also planned to upgrade the crossovers from the soldered pair at some point.

    I don't know how to solder. Is there a way to disconnect everything here so the crossovers can be upgraded and refurbished with push on connectors and the tweeters disconnected and the tabs replaced or repaired by someone who knows what they're doing?

    I could also abandon the whole idea and leave everything as is...
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    Hey Kevin, you can cut the wire and crimp on male and female spades or bullet connectors. JAT
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    Hi Rob. That would work. It doesn't look too difficult either. I could snip and crimp females on the crossover and crimp males on the tweeters and hook up the unsoldered MWs as is.
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    xschop wrote: »
    Hey Kevin, you can cut the wire and crimp on male and female spades or bullet connectors. JAT

    This. Just cut and install crimp connectors. Simple.
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    Reverse the male-female terminals on the two wires to each driver, so they can't be connected in reverse polarity. Decide which way the + wires will be, do the - wires opposite.

    Or use 2-wire Weatherpack connectors which can't be connected backwards.
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