DSW PRO 660s Weak

Hey guys,

I have owned two DSW PRO 600 subwoofers for probably 6 years now. Recently, one of the amps went out so I sent it to POLK to get fixed. I received an email saying the repairs would be pretty much the same as buying a new amp. So the gentleman recommended buying a new amp. I asked him if I could buy 2 so I could update both subs. It was a pretty simple install and I set both subs back up. But they are nowhere near as powerful as they used to be. Has anyone heard that the 660s aren't as powerful as the older 600s? Or any advice? I have all the settings and volume (receiver and subwoofer) set the same as previously.


  • F1nut
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    Sounds like you need to reset/rerun your settings.
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