Difference between MC and RC Series

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I had to move my home theater to smaller room. In the new setup I'm using RTi28's as the front speakers (they were the rears in the prior setup). The CS245I remains as the center speaker.

Due to the new space limitations I'm looking to use in-ceiling speakers for my rears. They will be placed even with the seating area and mounted in a drop ceiling. All speakers will be hooked to a Sony STR-DE935.

So the question is, which speakers for the rears? I'm looking at either the MC60 or RC60i's but I can't find much explaining the difference between the two series. Anybody have advice on which might be more appropriate for my setup or what the differences are between the MC and RC speakers? Also, would it be worth moving getting MC80 or RC80i's instead?

A final question. I'm looking to replace my dying subwoofer with the PSW10 but was wondering if it's worth spending extra and going with the PSW505. As mentioned the space is pretty small so that may be overkill but if the the PSW505 will sound much better its worth it to me. Opinions?



  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,848
    welcome to Polk's forum. I asked the guys in Polk's CS department and this was the response:

    "I would recommend the MC 60 ceiling speakers, those speakers have more clarity than the RC speakers, they will timber match with the silk dome tweeters better.

    I would also recommend the PSW 505 since the price on that is so good considering the performance (price on amazon is $169.99). The PSW 10 good for smaller spaces but to me it pales in comparison to the PSW 505.

    I hope this information helps."

    Regards, Ken
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    Thank you for the response. I ordered up the MC 60's. Now to search for that $169 price for the PSW 505. Cheapest I'm finding on amazon from any of the sellers today is $209. I'm not in a hurry. I can wait for the price to drop since it seems to be fluctuating on Amazon. When I looked a few days ago it was $199. :smile:
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    Save for a better sub and thank me later...
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    Are the mc60s also a better match than rc60 for use as atmos with S20s and s10s in home theatre system (with subwoofer so it is tweeter that is more important to me) ?
    Are there any other POLK ceiling that match better for atmos use with S20s and S10s?
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