Marantz SR7007 vs Yamaha RX-A2040

How would you compare both receivers?
My speakers are RTiA5 and CSiA4...
There is a $200 price difference on Accessories4less (Marantz being the cheapest)
RTiA5 + CSiA4
No surround...yet
Still looking for a receiver


  • Maybe the SR7008 is more a direct comparison
    Other question: how do you guys fit your AV receiver into TV stands?
    I was looking at that one:
    But the depth of the storage area is only 14.5"
    The depth of the Marantz is almost 17", and the Yamaha is 18.5"?
    I wonder if there are TV stands to accommodate such depths....
    RTiA5 + CSiA4
    No surround...yet
    Still looking for a receiver
  • rpf65
    rpf65 Posts: 2,127
    The Yamaha 2040 is more in line with the Marantz 7009. The 7007 is 2 generations earlier. I would probably look at the Marantz 7008. Either that or I would look at the Yamaha 3010 for $50 more than the 7007. The Marantz 7007 and Yamaha xx20 series are the same generation, but don't think there was very much difference between the xx10 and xx20 series.

    Any way both the 7007 and 2040 will drive the Front 3 fine. The 2040 has more bells and whistles, and can run up to 9 speakers. Haven't heard if Yamaha is going to send out updates for the xx40 series for HDCP 2.2 protocols or HDMI 2.0a, but if they are would definitely go with the Yamaha.
  • I had the same trouble fitting my Pioneer SC05 in the console. It was about two inches too deep. I ended up cutting out a rectangle slightly smaller than the receiver in the back of it to accommodate the extra depth. This also gave easy access to the wiring in the back. The receiver stuck out slightly in the back which was not problem since it looked fine from the front.
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