Polk DS7200SW DB25-DB25 Input Cable Delima

Help! I have a question regarding my Polk DS7200SW
powered subwoofer and Polk Audio RM Digital Solution DS-1 A/V Preamp
Processor Loudspeaker Receiver. These came with satellite speakers as a
home theater (HT) system as the Polk 700DS7200 I believe.

These two components connect via a 13' 25-pin DB cord that Polk included in
the package. Well that cable went missing after moving to a new city. Is
there a special non-standard cable that Polk made because the aftermarket
one I thought would work isn't after replacing it?

I've purchased a Planet Waves 5ft Core Cable Cable Snake DB25-DB25 screwed
it securely in connecting a audio signal to both units, even reversed the direction of cable, but the DS7200SW powered subwoofer light remains red when powered on, not green
when connected.

I tried resetting the receiver to its default mode, checked the fuse on the
subwoofer, wiggled the connecting input cable, but no luck. Here is a link to the system owner's manual:


Polk customer service said "Unfortunately the DB25 cable has not been available in years.
I would suggest posting this on our Forum"
. So here I am.

Anyway you can help me out here? I'd love to be able to use this equipment
again but this snag is preventing me from doing so.