RM6750 Subwoofer Malfunction

Setting up an RM6750 that has been in storage and can't seem to get my subwoofer to work (no sound). Connecting to Yamaha TSR 6750 receiver. Using method one (sub out) that is specified in the Polk RM6750 manual. I am using a Y-adapter from the subout to my subwoofer. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    Welcome to Polk's forum. The best way to see if the sub is working or not is to first turn the playing volume down on the sub. Then disconnect the sub-cable from your receiver. Then connect the sub-cable to either the right or left output of your CD/DVD player. Then begin playing a CD and slowly turn up the volume on the sub. There should be plenty of bass at a low volume setting if the sub is working.
    If there's no sound then contact Polk's CS department at either 1-800-377-7655 or via email to [email protected]
    Regards, Ken
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    Good idea the CD player test!

    I also wonder if it could simply be a "Setting" for sub on receiver to "Off"?
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