Help! ADCOM GFA-7000 power button repair

Hello, I have an Adcom GFA 7000 and a few questions.

1. The plastic cup that holds the power button has come unglued from the aluminum faceplate. It looks like it may have been hot glued previously but I can't imagine that Adcom did that from the factory. What are your recommendations to reglue it?

2. On the left channel pcb, the large blue caps have a bit of peanut butter colored substance on top of them. Is this leaky electrolyte or just some residual glue?

3. Any idea where I can get 4 replacement rubber feet (part number 13005805) and the screws to install them?

4. What is the cheapest way to ensure this amp is up and running properly so it wont damage my speakers as some Adcom amps have been known to do.

Thank you for your help.


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    Maybe move this into the electronics area, most members don't tend to look this far down the page.
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  • Thank you. I am still learning about this forum.
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