Help with a new car and crappy bass

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Hi all, just got a 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport which has the ultimate package (nav., 12 speaker infinity system). The bass is awful. Almost non existent. I feel like I'm sitting in a tin can listening to music, even talk sucks. I can't believe a vehicle that certainly wasn't cheap has this kind of sound. Is there an EASY/fairly cheap way to add just some bass to the mix? I'm a girl and not techy so be gentle. ;) I am not looking to be heard coming down the street just want to get some deeper tone, if I could add about 4 more presses to the bass button I have it would probably be perfect. My hubs has hooked up equipment on his truck so he's way more knowledgeable than I am but I'm sure he'll be somewhat hesitant and want good directions before he messes with a brand new car under warranty. Not sure if there is a small subwoofer I could add (I believe mine already comes with one which apparently sucks, could I switch it out with a better one?) or would changing out the rear speakers help? Thanks for any help you can offer!
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    Is there an EASY/fairly cheap way to add just some bass to the mix?

    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: you could add a powered subwoofer by tapping into the rear speaker wires and then you'd have some bass but it still won't sound right. You said even the talk sucks. A sub wouldn't cure that. My wife has the same exact car/system as you and you're right. It's hella awful.

    A powered sub will run around $175 for anything decent and if you're not technically inclined you'd need to find an installer. Add about $150 extra for that, providing you find someone competent. So that's upwards of $400 to achieve mediocre sound at best. And that's a low estimate.

    Or, you could get a new head unit (I have the Pioneer 80 DEH-PRS and LOVE it!) and upgraded front speakers for a total of about $350 plus $150 for the install and you'd have something really nice for only $100 more than that subwoofer band aid you're thinking about.

    I was in your exact position with my Dodge Journey, although my system didn't sound as awful as the Hyundai's. After a series of expensive experiments and adding band aids to the factory system (even though I was highly informed to do otherwise on this forum) I finally had to bite the bullet and go with an aftermarket head unit (radio/CD player). I'm running a separate amp for the new front speakers and another one for the new sub and I'm happy as a clam. I will not reveal how expensive this whole fiasco cost me because I'd be too embarrassed. If you really want good sound, do it right.

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    I can't help you with a new car, but here's a not too shabby bass. 93a3da5wrsjf.jpg