Streaming music from pc to Oppo BDP-93

So I finally got around to playing with the Oppo and computer last night. Installed oShare on the pc per Oppo's knowledge data base section and was able to play some mp3's that were on the computer. I see that Oppo will stream FLAC so I'm assuming when I decide to rip some cd's to the pc I want to use FLAC? Is there any other settings in the computer or the Oppo that will get me the best sound possible?
Yep, my name really is Bob.
Parasound HCA1500(indoor sound) and HCA1000(outdoor sound), Dynaco PAS4, Denon DP1200 w/Shure V15 Type V and Jico SAS stylus, Oppo BDP93, Marantz UD7007, modded Polk SDA 2B.
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