Any experience/opinions on Paisley speakers

I have an opportunity to pick up some Paisley Research AE 300 speakers for around $100.

I need more speakers like I need a hole in the head, but.......

Has anyone ever owned or listened to any Paisleys that can offer an opinion?


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  • Van_Isle
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    Hope you picked those up. Paisley Research AE-series speakers are relatively rare, well regarded vintage speakers from designer Ian Paisley of API (Energy, Sound Dynamics, Mirage, Athena, etc.) ... I believe he actually started the company before joining API. The AE series was the top of the Paisley Research line in the early 80's with heavy, solid, real walnut veneer enclosures, SEAS drivers, etc. $100 is a great price ... typically $200-$350. I've heard a couple of the AE models but only own lower models in the Paisley lineup (but still with some unique designs and good quality components .... e.g. bextrene woofer mounted above Vifa tweeter, foam treatments around tweeter, etc.). I enjoy them very much. Some of the lower models were sold under the Image brand name as well.

    The only API speaker I think I'd rather have over the Paisley AE's are Energy 22 Reference Connoisseur (I already have Pro 22's).