Carver C-19 repair???

Hey guys, been a while since I posted. I purchased a C-19 a couple of years ago from Joe Humbert and I loved it. Problem is its started acting up on me and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to a good tech here on the forum. I'm in Louisville KY. Am willing to ship where ever to get this thing right. Any info anyone can offer is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  • Is your search limited to forum members who are techs? If not, I've had good outcomes with this company.
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    Send it to Roland and ask him to do all updates he and Bob came up with. Bob Carver sold/gave him a warehouse of Carver parts. I have used him he is the best at this stuff.
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    Thanks guys. Would prefer to use someone from the forum as I've had great experiences from the members here. Try to give them first shot. Thanks pitdog, will definitely contact Roland. Can't believe how much in love I fell with this pre. Going to do whatever it takes to preserve it.
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    Emailed Roland and he called me back within the hour. Having him do complete updates. Mailed it out Tuesday, ouch! Shipping costly from Louisville to Oregon. Oh well, it'll be worth it to keep this thing running for another 25 years.

    Thanks again for the input guys. This forum is the best.
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    I Need repairs done what's Roland email address.... I have carver amps that need repair.. thanks
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    PolkClyde wrote: »
    I Need repairs done what's Roland email address.... I have carver amps that need repair.. thanks

    [email protected] to website.
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  • one wonders how kharp1 made out? :*
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