Skype sign on?

Don't know if this has been addressed here or not but this particular topic has been my hot button issue for a while here since the new format. Ever since they changed over I have had this little pop-up window come up every time I go to a thread that asked me something about Skype. I always used the "don't allow" and it sent me right to the page, no problems. That got old quick so I tried checking the box that said "don't ask me again" and the dumb thing still popped up every time. This afternoon I decided to get the little bugger off for good and installed Skype since I have a Hotmail address. Now it takes forever for a page to come up and sometimes they don't come up at all. This is even worse than that stupid pop-up window.

Any suggestions?


  • smglbrthsmglbrth Posts: 1,122
    Nevermind, uninstalled Skype now it works more efficiently...
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