omni app loses media server

2 devices:
Nexus 10 Android 5.0.1
Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3

Same rev app:
Polk omni

I have a ReadyNAS running DLNA. I can find it on my network and browse by folder or artist and play music just AOK. However, when I select All Music, I get a message that the connection to the media server has been lost. I can try to search my network again but it will not find it until I kill the Omni app and restart.




  • ken brydsonken brydson Posts: 8,026
    new product that many of us on the forum haven't played with. Here's a response from a similar question from mod ken S-

    Polk has a wireless audio support group you can call at: 1-800-638-7276, they can help with setup.
    Regards, Ken
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