LSiM 706c out of phase in MCACC



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    No need for alarm, the woofer in the LSiM703 is wired out of phase with the mid and tweeter by design. I can test my 706c later.

    Really, so this is by design? How did you find this out, by testing or did you read this somewhere?

    So, in the end what did u do with the speaker wires? reverse it or use them as it's design? Kindly advise too, i got the same when connect them with my Yamaha TSR-7850 receiver and it found automatically :(

    Tks A Lot!

    I kept mine wired as designed. Been that way since I started the thread and i have no complaints. It sounds great!

    Tks you man! :smile:

    I got false reads like that off of my YIPPO on my Yamaha.
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    I’m thinking you’ve reached the point where people are afraid to open your posts.

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