Is this too much power?

I have 2 12"MMDVC and a PA1000.1D amp. I recently changed the wiring from 500watts @ 4 ohms to 2 ohms. This is supposed to put 800watts @ 2ohms. the subs are rated at 425 watts RMS.
I am kind of nervous about blowing these subs. I have the gain turned down since I have not been able to tune thethe subs yet. When I was playing around with it I tuned by ear and the excursion was nuts. Is anyone running close to the same configuration and not having any problems with it?

Thanks guys


  • If you keep the gain down a bit you should be fine. You're better off having more power than not enough. You can damage your speakers just the same by running them with not enough power. Meaning low power amp and turning the gain up is not to try to get your sub to pound is not good.
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