My PA880 is turning off after about 20 mins and getting very hot.


I have 2 Polk Audio 10" subs connected to a PA880 amp (I'm not sure on the model of the subs). I had this set up in a truck where the amp was in open air and it did get hot but it never shut off. I've sold that truck and now have a car where the speakers and amp are installed in the truck. The subs are now in a single box (as opposed to two truck boxes) and the amp is attached to the back of the rear seat. Immediately after I installed the system like this it started turning off after 20 minutes or so of use and was VERY hot. So my question....

Did I put the amp in a place where the isn't enough air flow to keep it cool so it's turning itself off?

Is the amp now too small for how I want it to sound because the subs are in the truck instead of right behind the seat? (meaning that I just need one that's more powerful)

One other difference between then and now (not sure if it matters). In the old set up I was running it on #8AWG wire and now I've ran #2AWG. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My Polk Audio equipment has always performed flawlessly in the past so I assume there's something I've done that's causing it to continue to turn itself off. Thank You.



  • [Deleted User]
    Welcome to Polk's forum. From your description I believe you're correct on your assumptions. Nothing wrong with the equipment or how it's connected, just different circumstances causing more power to be needed than the amp can produce.
    Cheers, Ken