How to turn off subscribed threads

Hello and good morning,

So I must have subscribed to the thread (what are you listening too) because now I get an email every time someone comments on it.

I thought someone had commented on it earlier this week but I can't seem to find the thread.

I've been trying to figure out how to turn off the notification with no luck.If someone knows how and would like to pass on that information that would be great.

On a side note I've been getting these since Tuesday morning and I was too dumb to figure out it was the re-vamped forum (thought it was spam) I just kept on going back to my booked marked page waiting on Patrick C.

Anyway Cheers


  • polk500
    polk500 Posts: 1,171
    Never mind folks I found it thanks Mhardy
  • polk500
    polk500 Posts: 1,171
    Well I guess that didn't work. I've turn off all notifications and I'm still getting emails.
    Any suggestion would be welcomed.

  • starkiller
    starkiller Posts: 2,698
    Been getting daily emails about posts in Misc audio deals of the day...I don't want to disable??
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